Three good restaurants in Naples

I don’t need to tell you that you can find great restaurants in Naples. They invented the pizza Margherita there, the mozzarella cheese is fantastic and the cannoli are great. But: where can you find the best restaurants? Where can you find authentic pizzas, instead of the ones for tourists? Today I have three tips for great restaurants in Naples for you.

Al 53

Piazza Dante Alighieri 53

Our apartment was close to Piazza Dante and a day we walked way too much and quickly wanted to find a restaurant, we came to Al 53. It was a great choice: this restaurant was very good, we even came back the last night of our vacation to eat here again. The waiter spoke great English and told us what their specialities were. Moreover: the food was cheap, very very cheap. We had an appetizer, main course and dessert and we only had to pay €28. We even checked if they made a mistake, but it really was that cheap.

Pizzeria Di Matteo

Via dei Tribunali 94

You can recognize Di Matteo from all the pictures of Bill Clinton with a pizza in his hands. You won’t forget that Bill Clinton ate a pizza from Di Matteo once: these pictures are everywhere. Di Matteo is a very popular pizzeria: there is a huge queue on the street every single day. You can’t really see it from the outside, but there’s also a lot of places to sit inside. You have to ask an employee and they take you inside the restaurant, through the kitchen, to a table. First, it seems like a small takeaway restaurant, but it’s actually big inside. Going inside is a good idea: it’s way quicker than ordering your pizza outside.

Trattoria San Ferdinando

Via Nardones 117

We went to this restaurant at 7:30 PM. There wasn’t really anyone in the restaurant at that time and the waiters were still eating themselves. From outside, you can’t really see how nice and good this restaurant is: they have no seats outside and you have to ring the bell to go inside (they keep the door closed because of the air conditioning). However, this does make the restaurant a nice and quiet place in the middle of the very busy historical centre of Naples. There are almost no tourists, mainly locals eat here. The food is delicious: you can find typical Italian dishes of great quality, for (again) a low price.


P.S. Don’t eat at Leon D’oro on Piazza Dante. That food was gross.

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