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My fair fashion wishlist

Last year, I decided that I wanted to wear and buy fair fashion only. Now I replace my old clothes (when they’re worn out) with new fair fashion items. A few days ago, I went through all my clothes and I’ve donated a lot. Now I miss some items in my wardrobe, like sweaters, blouses, shirts and a coat.

I’m really into fair fashion, but honestly: it’s hard sometimes. Lately, I haven’t been really happy with my outfits. I think it’s too simple sometimes and my clothes weren’t always of great quality (I bought those a long time ago). I’d want to buy a lot of basic items, so I could be a little bit happier with my outfits. I’m a big fan of Scandinavian fashion, looked at Pinterest for inspiration and found what kind of pieces I needed: a sweater of great quality, more blouses, more striped shirts and a nice, long coat.

One problem: sustainable and fair fashion is expensive. That’s obvious of course: they use sustainable materials and the employees get a fair pay and that’s just more expensive. I’d love to pay €190 for a great and sustainable sweater, but I just don’t have that. So I made a wishlist and collected all the nice pieces I actually want to buy.



The first two sweaters are from Frisur. Frisur is a brand that’s established in Germany and combines Scandinavian fashion with German design. Sustainability is important at Frisur and they only work with suppliers based in Europe. Their sweaters look amazing: they’re simple, but the quality is amazing.

The third sweater is from The Acey. The Acey is a great website where you can buy a lot of fair fashion. They also have their own line of knitwear. They produce their sweaters in Scotland, where they make sure they don’t waste any wool.

The fourth sweater is from the beautiful Swedish brand Filippa K. Filippa K is part of the Fair Wear Foundation, uses recycled wool and wants to make their whole collection sustainable before 2030. That’s a great idea if you ask me.


I love blouses, but I still miss some classical white blouses. The first is (again) from Frisur. The second one is a pretty classical one, it’s from Filippa K and they also have that one in blue (you can see that on the third picture). The last blouse is more a statement piece, with a big bow on the front. That one is from Vanilia. Vanilia has their own studio in Turkey, where they produce all the clothes. Vanilia is also checked by the Fair Wear Foundation.

Striped shirts

Striped shirts are casual, but not boring. And how good does it look with a grey vest, together with light jeans and sneakers? The first two striped shirts are from Miss Green, a Dutch brand that stands for sustainability and fair living conditions. Moreover, this brand is very honest, so you can accurately see how fair a specific item really is.

The last two shirts are from Armedangels, a brand that’s against fair fashion and promotes fair fashion. They chose sustainable materials, such as organic cotton, linen and wool. I mostly like the last shirt, because of the blue detail. They also have that one with a pink detail.


This year I don’t really like my old leather jacket anymore, so I want a nice long coat for autumn. I’m not sure if I can buy a coat like this because these coats are expensive. The first two are from Filippa K and I like those the most. The two coats next to that are from LangerChen, a fair fashion brand from Shanghai.

Foto on top by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

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